Friday, 17 August 2012


The experience of watching 6D cinema is something we can't explain. It has to be experienced! So come over to Dataran Pahlawan today & try out the AX Rider 6D ride!


Most of us know that 3D films recreate moving mages of the third dimension, creating an illusion of depth which the viewer experiences. These 3D films allow viewers to see the objects, such as buildings, cars etc. in a larger space and not on a flat urface. There is a lot of effort behind the beautiful 3D technology, such as stereoscopy, which allows viewers to see different images with the left and right eyes. The stereoscopic effect is created with the use of 3D glasses and different projectors.
6D cinema? These 6D films not only offer 3D images but take the viewing pleasure to an entirely new dimension by exposing the audience to the environmental elements; such as rain, wind and smell, similar to what the onscreen characters experience. We may see less and less of the regular 3D films in the near future. But it is left to be seen whether the swirling chairs, the smells and other aspects that are part of 6D cinema have the desired effect and become popular with the audiences.

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